Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Christmas!

You'll notice it's not Muhammedmas; not Buddhamas; not atheistmas; not secularholidaymas; not Obamamas; not Hindumas; not Jehovahmas; not Mormonmas (false Christians - no worse, not Christians at all, a false gospel) not Newagemas, not Wiccamas; not sexmas; not Politicswillsaveusmas; not AmericanFlagmas (stop worshiping the stars and stripes, idolaters); not Modernismmas; not! It is CHRISTmas! Keep Jesus in the season this year and turn back to God!


  1. Hello. I'm following you. You may have noticed me at the Skeptical Eye, going back and forth with Radio Bloger on that "Faith is a Joke" posting. It's still going on this morning.

    Come visit me sometime...

    Thanks - Wally J